SnookerQ Version 0.1.185

Release Date: 6 December 2021


Complete tasks to win prizes!

Complete enough tasks to unlock Prize Boxes!

How do Task Levels work?

When you pass at least 9 tasks on a list, your Task Level will go up when the list is refreshed.

The higher the Task Level, the harder the tasks are but the prizes get bigger!

If you fail to complete at least 5 tasks before the list refresh, you will go down a level.

The highest Task Level is Level 3.

What are the prize boxes?

Prize boxes are milestone rewards you get for completing a certain number of tasks.

You will get a Small Prize Box for completing 9 out of 14 tasks and the Large Prize Box for completing all 14 tasks.

Due to this being a brand new feature, you will only get virtual cash (Qash) prizes for now.

In the near future, prize boxes will include many more goodies!

SnookerQ Tasks Feature

Thick aiming lines option.

You can now play SnookerQ with ball-width aiming lines which will help you see ball paths without having to switch to POV mode.

Thick Aiming Lines SnookerQ

This feature was designed to help new players get used to the correct aiming lines but experienced users can also take advantage of this aiming mode to improve their play.

Some users will prefer the original thin aiming lines which is why this setting is optional. Simply, open the Game Settings window and under the IN-GAME tab, change the option for “Aiming Line Width” to “Thin”. Make sure you “Save” to apply the changes. During a game, you can also toggle the aiming line thickness by pressing CTRL+W.

Aiming Line Width Setting

Another handy key for showing the thick/thin lines is the ALT key. Hold the left ALT key to temporarily change the aiming line width, which will go back to your normal aiming line once you release the key.

Qash (Virtual money).

Qash is the official SnookerQ virtual currency that will be involved with almost every feature that will be released in the future. You will be able to purchase cues and other items from the marketplace (coming soon).

For now, you can earn Qash by winning matches, completing tasks and earning top-stat dots.

SnookerQ Qash

‘Results’ page in player bio.

You will now be able to view the scores from your previous 10 frames played. In the user bio window, select the "RESULTS" tab to check your recent stats. All 30+ breaks will be displayed within brackets.

SnookerQ Results Page

New main menu design.

We've changed the main menu buttons to give the main lobby a more vibrant look.

SnookerQ Main Menu Buttons

Feedback box.

User feedback is very important to us to work on ways to improve the game. We're not receiving as much feedback as we'd like, so we've decided to introduce a feedback box directly into the lobby.

SnookerQ Feedback Bar

It's a simple rating bar on top of the lobby chat, which drops a text box below for users to share their feedback. You'll also receive 200 Qash for submitting feedback!

SnookerQ Feedback Bar

Username badges.

You can now unlock some badges next to your username by achieving certain goals.

For this release, there are 3 badge slots that you can unlock:

SnookerQ User Badges
  • Highest Break Badge: You can unlock a badge based on your highest break and the difficulty level of your highest break. If your highest break is on Pro, the badge will have a gold outline.
  • Maximum Break: If you score a Club 147, you will obtain a blue diamond badge. If you score a Pro 147, you will receive a golden diamond badge.
  • On Fire Badge: This will appear if your current form is 8.5/10 or above.

More username badges will be introduced in the future when we release more features.

Insert key quick reply.

A new shortcut key has been introduced to make whispering/private messaging easier. When you receive a whisper from someone, you can quickly reply to them by pressing the Insert key, which will automatically load the username of the last person that messaged you.

Current ‘Form’ stat.

The Form stat shows us how well a user is currently playing by combining some key statistics from the user's last 10 frames (Pot Success, Break Average and Frame Wins).

SnookerQ Form Stat

Users with a form score of 8.5 and over will also get a fire badge next to their usernames:

SnookerQ Fire Badge

Bio overview win/loss bar.

A simple results bar has been added to the user bio overview window which shows you the user's last 10 frame results.

SnookerQ Win Loss Bar


There is now a blue dot shown under the Table column in the user list for players who are playing Practice Mode.

SnookerQ Practice

Rating Badges Explained popup:

SnookerQ Rating Badges