SnookerQ Version 0.1.209

Release Date: 17 June 2022

Detailed Tournament Stats.

Now, you can check your tournament performance records in detail by opening the bio window and clicking the "Tournaments" tab.

Tournament Statistics

There are 3 tournament categories: Regular, Special and Major tournaments. Regular tournaments run multiple times a day. Special and Major tournaments will be coming soon.

Live Match Stats.

This is a new feature that shows you live performance stats from an ongoing match.

Live Match Statistics

You can access this feature by clicking on the Match Stats icon or by the CTRL-S shortcut:

Live Match Statistics

You can also view performance stats from finished matches by clicking the match stats icon in the Results bio tab:

Match Statistics Results

Shortcuts Window.

Keyboard/Mouse Shortcuts and Chat Commands are now contained in one window. Learn about all the extra tricks you can use to improve your play by navigating through the list of keyboard & mouse shortcuts.

We also have a list of handy Chat Commands that some users may not have known about. Don't worry, you now have access to all the secrets!

Shortcuts Window

Invitation Window: Extra Player Info.

More information about the player inviting you is displayed directly on the invitation window.


New Stat: Positional Average.

We have a new stat which measures* your positional play.

Positional Average

* The formula to calculate this stat is subject to change based on the accuracy of the game data gathered in the coming weeks.

New Stat: Skill Points.

This is the SKILL POINTS (SP) statistic, which will give you a rough idea of the skill level you posses. The formula to calculate the skill level looks at your win percentage, the amount of big breaks (30s, 40s, 50s etc) you've made and how often you make them. You must have played at least 50 frames on your account for your SP to show.

Skill Points

"More" tab redesign.

New Design

Clickable Usernames.

Usernames in the Lobby Chat, Table Chat, Lobby Top Stats box and the Table List are now clickable to load the player bio window.

Clickable Usernames

New Settings Options.

There are three new settings options:

- Auto tournament broadcasts [On/Off]

- Qash box sounds [On/Off]

- Private message sounds [On/Off]


- Table host icon in the table list:

Table Host Icon

- Trophy count box in the Bio Overview page (Regular, Special and Major trophies):

Trophy Box

- The in-game notification popup is now semi-transparent to allow players to see the aiming line through the popup if it is still showing.

In-game notification popup

- Tournament winners now get a trophy badge next to their usernames for a certain period of time. Regular tournament winners will get a trophy badge for 3 days. Special & Major tournament winners will get a trophy badge for 1 month.

Trophy Winner Badge

- Sending private messages to a member who has logged off will now tell you that the user is no longer online, saving you from the embarassment of chatting to yourself :).

- Tournament no-shows have penalty points deducted from their rating, which is awarded to their opponents. If none of the two players show, the penalty points are not propagated to the next round.

- A darker shade of green has been applied to the green ball to allow some users to see it better.

- Wider lobby view for bigger screens.

- Bug Fix: The issue with merging balls has been solved.

- Bug Fix: Break-Off shots now alternate correctly between players during match.

- Bug Fix: Joining the Tournament Lobby directly from a link in another lobby whilst playing the Practice Mode, no longer bugs the first tournament match.

- Some strange sightings have been reported recently, which we...[The communication signal has been interrupted!]

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