SnookerQ Version 0.1.727

Release Date: 13 December 2023

Friends List

You can now add your friends and favourite opponents to the friends list!

Get notified when they log into the game with a login sound effect and text chat notice (these can be turned off in the Settings window).

Access the Friends List by clicking on the "Friends" tab in the lobby:

Friends Tab

Read all about the Friends List here.

Block List

You can now add people to the Block List!

Access the Block List by clicking on the "Blocked" tab in the lobby:

Blocked Tab

You'll have different types of block options to help you control each situation the way you want:

Block Options

People you block will appear with a block symbol next to their username:

Block Icon

Read all about the BLock List here.

Username right-click dropdown

We've added an easy access right-click dropdown menu on usernames to take actions more quickly:

Right Click Menu

Video library window

We've included a collection of all the informative videos, all in one place:

Videos Window

New Line-up: Tough Table Challenge!

Due to the popularity of Stephen Hendry's "Tough Table Challenge" videos, we've been asked by several members to implement this line-up in the game.

The "Tough Table Challenge" is a lineup where players compete to achieve the highest breaks, and it includes a leaderboard with world records.

Tough Table Challenge

Lobby Poll

We've introduced a lobby poll to help us gather some quick feedback on certain topics.

Lobby Poll

Taking part in polls will reward users qash and cue parts.


- New settings options:

New Settings

- Big break announcement changes:


- Icon for when a user is muted:

Muted Icon

- Default aiming direction changed to 'Backwards'.

- Improved tournament performance: There will no longer be any major lag/delays at the start of big tournaments.

- Several bugfixes.

Update Notes For Previous Version