SnookerQ Version 0.1.707

Release Date: 13 September 2023

The Replays Are Finally Here!

It's been a long time coming but the replays feature has finally arrived.

You can browse through all the shots, frames and matches ever played. Save your best replays to your favourites and also share them with others.

Read all about the Replays feature here.

Access the Replays feature by click on the "REPLAYS" menu item in the lobby:

Replay Menu

This is the main Replays window where you'll be able to search for specific replays or look through a list of the best replays on the game:

Replay Home page

With our advanced replay mode, you can quickly browse through long frames to look for your favourite shots by skipping through shots using the player control or you can change the playback speed:

Replay Mode

With our advanced interactive player timeline, you can skip to any part of the break you want. Breaks from the players are marked in detail so you can save a lot of time looking for your favourite breaks.

Read all about the Replays feature here.

World Records Webpage

You can now view all the world record holders on the website:

Personal Records


- The top bar in the lobby has a new look:

New top bar design

- You can now copy & paste text in the chat area. Highlight the text that you want to copy, then right-click on the highlighted text to reveal a copy/paste menu and click on Copy (or CTRL + C). To paste, simply right-click on the text input field in the lobby or table chat and click on paste (or CTRL + V):

Copy text
Paste text

- Lobby widget boxes have been made wider for larger screens.

- When taking a shot, the cue follows through now with a more natural feel and also fades out instead of just disappearing upon contact with the cue ball.

- Alert windows redesign.

Paste text

- Prize tourney reminder popup.

- Standings link displayed when entering a tournament table.

- Invitation response text is not made public anymore.

- Private messages/whispers now have "To" and "From" prefixes:

Private message prefix

- After a match finishes, the loser's username, rating and rank will flash red and the winner's username, rating and rank will flash green:

Rating Colour Change

- 10 second timer matches have been removed.

- Only the black ball is shown in the Ball On widget for the 'Around The Black' practice drill.

- The 'Undo' and 'Move' buttons have been disabled for the 'Around The Black' practice drill.

- Website performance improvements.

- Several bugfixes.

Update Notes For Previous Version