SnookerQ Version 0.1.666

Release Date: 31 October 2022

The Demon has been unleashed!

We have finally uncovered the DEMON who has been causing distress in the lobbies for the past few months. He has stolen some goods from the SnookerQ Headquarters and we need everyone's help to recover them. The Demon claims to be unbeatable and has said he has some tricks up his sleeve. Can you do the impossible and beat him to recover the stolen loot? IF you somehow beat him, you get to keep the loot!

The Demon possesses special powers which he can use to his advantage to put you off your game. Be careful!

Wanted Poster

Read all about the Demon bounty account here.

Cue Parts.

You can now collect Cue Parts for completing certain goals on the game. You will need to collect certain Cue Parts to unlock and purchase cues and other marketplace items in the future.

What are the Cue Parts?

Cue Parts
  • - Red Cue Parts (Very common)
  • - Yellow Cue Parts (Common)
  • - Green Cue Parts (Uncommon)
  • - Brown Cue Parts (Very Uncommon)
  • - Blue Cue Parts (Rare)
  • - Pink Cue Parts (Very Rare)
  • - Black Cue Parts (Legendary)

How to get Cue Parts?

  • - Win matches (best of 3 minimum)
  • - Win tournaments
  • - Complete Tasks to unlock Prize Boxes
  • - Every fifth time you open the Qash Box in the same day
  • - Make big breaks

Fuse Cue Parts

If you require a higher Cue Part, you can simply collect more common Cue Parts to fuse rarer Cue Parts.

You can fuse 4 of the same Cue Parts together to make one higher Cue Part. This means, 4 Red Cue Parts can be fused together to make 1 Yellow Cue Part. 4 Yellow Cue Parts can be fused together to make 1 Green Cue Part, and so on. You can fuse more than 4 Cue Parts at a time, in multiples of 4. For example, if you have 20 Red Cue Parts, you can fuse them all at once to created 5 Yellow Cue Parts.

Fuse Cue Parts

Read all about Cue Parts here.

Cue Store.

You can now use Qash, along with Cue Parts to purchase Cues in the Cue Store. Currently, we only have 3 Cues available to be purchased but we'll be adding to the store in every update.

There is a new main menu item to access the Cue Store:

Cue Store

Cue Store

Each Cue comes with extra addons. Be sure to check what goodies you get by purshasing a cue by clicking the "+ Extras" link.

Note: The Qash that older members have accumulated since they've joined have been reduced to make sense with the new cue store. Users will get to keep 10% of what they've saved, upto a maximum of $15,000 virtual qash. This means that if you had $50,000 qash before the new update, your new qash value will be $5,000. If you had $180,000 qash, your new qash value will be $15,000 qash.

Read all about the Cue Store here.

Task Prize Boxes.

You will now get Prize Boxes for completing a certain amount of tasks. You will get a Small Prize Box for completing 9 or of 14 tasks and a Large Prize Box for completing all 14 tasks in the given time.

Prize boxes can contain Qash, Cue Parts & more!

Prize Boxes

Read all about the Tasks and Prize Boxes here.

Mini Live Match Stats.

Clicking on the Live Match Stats button will now display a Mini Live Stats window. This is so you can play/watch a match and keep an eye on the live stats at the same time. You can also expand the original Live Match Stats window by clicking on the maximize icon on the bottom right corner of the Mini Live Stats box.

Mini Match Stats

New Stat: Highest Rank Ever.

Another personal best stat for everyone to keep track of their progress through the ranks:

Highest Rank Ever

New Emojis.

Some more emojis have been introduced.

Skill Points

You can also unlock further emojis reaching certain milestones:

  • - Hi/Wave emoji: Buy Vintage Cue
  • - Halo & Frustrated emojis: Buy Rosewood Cue
  • - Sly & Cry emojis: Buy The Stinger Cue
  • - 100: Make 100 centuries.
  • - Party: Win 1000 frames.
  • - Demon: Beat the Demon.

New badges.

- We recently had a new highest break of 151 on the game, so we've decided to add a new golden extra badge for 150+ breaks:

150+ Break Badge

- Users who have a form of 10 will now have a golden flame:

10 Form Golden Flame


- Cue Shadows: Cues now have shadows that give the game a more realistic look:

Cue Shadow

- New settings option to turn off special login chat broadcasts. This includes login alerts for the number 1 ranking player and the Demon.

Special Login Alert Options

- The "View More" buttons are now active in the top stats box:

View More Top Stats

- The match difficulty levels are now colour-coded in the "Match Details" area to help you quickly identify which difficulty level you're about to play. You will either see Club Level or Pro Level:

Match Difficulty Colour Coded

- Usernames in the "Results" tab can now be clicked to load the player's bio:

Clickable Username

- You can now cancel colour ball nomination by right-clicking (or CTRL + 1) on a red ball.

- When you're replaced after a miss, you can now move the cue very slightly to adjust the aim from your previous shot, making it easier to judge snooker escapes.

Bug Fixes.

- Sometimes when exiting POV mode via the right-click mouse button, this would nominate a colour. Hopefully, this won't happen again.

- Table filters are now reset every time you switch lobbies.

Table Filters

- Joining the Tournament Lobby directly from a link in another lobby whilst playing the Practice Mode, no longer bugs the first tournament match.

- People waiting at a table to play sometimes could not see the yellow "JOIN" button at the table after a match had ended.

- Some usernames still showed in the players list even though they were not online anymore.

- Tournament winners now get the trophy badge immediately.

- Loading fix for Linux users.

- High break prizes are now added correctly to the tournament stats.

Update Notes For Previous Version