NEW UPDATE! Version 0.1.172

7 OCTOBER 2021

Updates / Fixes:

  • Live Aiming Lines fix: spectators can only see the aiming lines of players who have enabled it.
  • Live Aiming Lines fix: no more false object ball lines for a split second at the start of aiming.
  • Bugfixes to avoid false maximum breaks and total clearances in stats, premature frame ends and unexpected coin toss for respotted black.


NEW UPDATE! Version 0.1.171

5 OCTOBER 2021

Updates / Fixes:

  • Live Aiming Lines: Players can enable the displaying of their current aiming, spin and power settings for the opponent and all other viewers.
  • New average stats in Bio: break building, pot success, long pot success, safety success and shot time.
  • Smoother aiming mode added (recommended for beginners). The old (more sensitive) aiming mode is available in Game Settings.
  • Smoother cue movement on spectators' (and opponent's) screen when the player on is aiming.
  • Immediate access to the "Claim Frame" button for the player when the opponent concedes.
  • A little louder sound effect when @whispers (a.k.a. private messages) are received or for players when someone joins the table (toggle effect ON/OFF with CTRL-N).
  • Arena clean-up: Dark Room is the only available venue.
  • Login screen clean-up: "Play Offline" is no longer displayed, it was disabled anyway.
  • Faster game loading
  • Bugfixes

NEW UPDATE! Version 0.1.170

8 AUGUST 2021

Updates / Fixes:

  • Invite feature
  • Reserved tables: only the users the host invites can join as player
  • Option for white or coloured aiming lines
  • Sound effect when @whispers (a.k.a. private messages) are received or for players when someone joins the table (toggle effect ON/OFF with CTRL-N)
  • Highest ever rating displayed in Bio stats
  • Semi-transparent cue tip and an option for cue tip size: FIXED (usual) or SCALED with Qball size (toggle with CTRL-SHIFT-Q)
  • Bugfixes (referee does not miss the value of the last potted ball in the break announcement any more, more consistent light reflections and some small fixes)


Full reset of stats and ratings

2 JUNE 2021

With the new version released yesterday, the early test phase is over. Many players were consulted about resetting or not resetting, partly resetting, resetting only the stats but not the ratings and other options and the outcome of these discussions were that the majority of the SnookerQ community wants a fresh start. So we did it.

Good luck, everyone and enjoy your games!

NEW UPDATE! Version 0.1.157

1 JUNE 2021

Updates / Fixes:

  • Dark Room added as an alternative venue to Barton Hall
  • TV view added: activate with F4 or with view selection buttons in bottom box
  • Moderators can mute players. Muted players can write only @PMs and only to moderators
  • Long shots off the cushion are more difficult
  • Bugfixes (People window refreshed correctly, table chat commands and results don't appear in lobby view, disconnected players reported correctly, match start buttons fixed for reconnected players, valid touching ball indication after timeout in timer games and some smaller issues)


NEW UPDATE! Version 0.1.156

10 MAY 2021

Updates / Fixes:

  • Shot timer support: penalty points in timered games, opponent options is timerless games.
  • Heart beat mechanism to detect connection problems early.
  • Disconnections handled with proper control by opponent.
  • Tables with abandoned games or without proper player activity are cleared automatically if players don't act in time even after getting warnings.
  • Inactive users are dropped from lobby automatically (when not chatting, not visiting tables, not doing anything for a long time).
  • User preferences in My Account window: users can set the preferred table type (Club or Pro), match length, etc, which are automatically set when the user goes to an empty table.
  • Update notification popups after login for optional and mandatory updates.
  • Users with no frames played are listed without rank, rating and badge.
  • Rank, Rating and badge is not shown for people with no frames played
  • Bugfixes:
    • Chat text is kept at bottom when switching between full and medium BB size.
    • Referee announcements after claiming a frame win are said properly.
    • And many smaller fixes.


NEW UPDATE! Version 0.1.155

16 APRIL 2021

Updates / Fixes:

  • Interactive Tutorial feature with 16 different topics and exercises for a quick getting started experience.
  • Welcome popup screen for new users and users who haven't completed any tutorial topics yet. If you are more experienced and the popup is annoying for you, go to the tutorials and complete a simple exercise.
  • Auto concede limit added to match overview in lower left corner.
  • Claim frame button: when the opponent is too much "in minus", that is, when the number of points left on the table is not enough to come close to the player in front within the auto concede limit, the concede button turns into a "Claim Frame" icon, a green check mark, which, when clicked, will instantly win the frame for the player in front. We can finally say goodbye to the ugly intentional miss to win the frame.
  • Top Stats button in the table chat window.
  • CTRL-SHIFT-F restores the default 3D Free View (CTRL-F view).
  • Less ball rolling: more realistic and it speeds up game play experience, too.
    Warning: your usual shots may need adjusted power!
  • Less slide on cushions for low angle bounces.
  • Pro level is made more difficult.
  • Game version number is displayed in the lower right corner or the lobby screen.
  • Bugfix: When the People window opens (CTRL-P), the opponent's cue is no longer removed from the screen.

Note: THIS IS A MANDATORY UPDATE! Earlier versions will produce ball misalignments / jumps after the shot.

NEW UPDATE! Version 0.1.154

15 MARCH 2021

Updates / Fixes:

  • Medium size Bottom Box enables bigger table view and chat at the same time.
  • Various line-up layouts in single player mode.
  • Clickable quick chat buttons (gl, wp, gg etc).
  • Unreal "ping off cushion" effect reduced for hard side spin shots.
  • "Check side" has reasonable effect at cushion bounce.
  • More realistic bounces at pocket jaws.
  • Error margin adjustments on Club and Pro.
  • No more rattling sound effect when tapping into the pack.
  • Rerack and Abort buttons work in single mode.
  • Bugfixes (game loading, Ball On widget and some other small fixes).

Note: THIS IS A MANDATORY UPDATE! Earlier versions will produce ball misalignments / jumps after the shot.


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