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What are Cue Parts?

Cue Parts are in-game collectibles that can be used to purchase cues in the Cue Store.

There are seven types of Cue Parts to be collected:

  • Red Cue Parts (Very common)
  • Yellow Cue Parts (Common)
  • Green Cue Parts (Uncommon)
  • Brown Cue Parts (Very Uncommon)
  • Blue Cue Parts (Rare)
  • Pink Cue Parts (Very Rare)
  • Black Cue Parts (Legendary)

What are they used for?

All the cues available to buy in the Cue Store require Cue Parts and Qash to be unlocked for purchase. Requirements for each cue differs, so make sure you check the details in the Cue Store. (Click here to read about Cue Store)

How to get Cue Parts?

There are several ways you can collect Cue Parts:

Fusing Cue Parts

If you require a higher Cue Part, you can simply collect more common Cue Parts to fuse rarer Cue Parts.

You can fuse 4 of the same Cue Parts together to make one higher Cue Part. This means, 4 Red Cue Parts can be fused together to make 1 Yellow Cue Part. 4 Yellow Cue Parts can be fused together to make 1 Green Cue Part, and so on. You can fuse more than 4 Cue Parts at a time, in multiples of 4. For example, if you have 23 Red Cue Parts, you can fuse 20 of them at once to created 5 Yellow Cue Parts and you'll have 3 Red Cue Parts remaining.

You can use the slider to select how many Cue Parts you'd like to fuse together.

Result after fusing:

Now, you can fuse the Yellow Cue Parts to make upto 2 Green Cue Parts.

How can I check how many Cue Parts I have?

Simply, open up the Cue Store and you'll see all the Cue Parts you have at the bottom of the Cue Store window:

Or, click on the "Cue Parts" tab in the Cue Store:


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