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What is Qash?

Qash is the official virtual currency used on SnookerQ.

What can I do with Qash?

As the in-game currency, Qash is used to:

  • Pay entry fees for tournaments
  • Pay match fees
  • Buy cues at the Cue Store

Important: Since we introduced Qash, we've received a couple of messages regarding Qash withdrawal requests. Qash is not real money. It cannot be withdrawn to your bank account!

How to get Qash?

Earning Qash is very easy. You don't have to solely rely on winning matches.

There are several ways you can earn a load of Qash:

  • Collect Qash from the Qash Box (golden teasure chest at the bottom left corner of the lobby). The Qash Box is reloaded every 30 minutes. For every fifth time you collect Qash from the Qash Box, you also receive a Red Cue Part. (Click here to read about Cue Parts)
  • Win matches.
  • Win tournaments.
  • Get the highest break in a tournament.
  • Complete daily and monthly Tasks. (Click here to read about Tasks)
  • Unlock Prize Boxes for completing a certain amount of Tasks.
  • Hold Top Stat dot(s) until midnight.

How can I check how much Qash I have?

There are a couple of places where your Qash is displayed:

Player Bio:

Cue Store:


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